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Waterproof Wireless Chargers

Index Marine provides several waterproof Qi certified wireless chargers, providing a charging solution for phone and tablet devises to withstand onboard environments, without using cables. 

Waterproof Wireless Charger

Waterproof Glands

Index Marine makes glands for a range of sealed cabling applications where a weatherproof seal is required for electrical cables and ducting through bulkheads and panels:

  • IP68 rated
  • Single and multi-cable pass-through – range of cable diameters
  • Perpendicular (DG series) and side-entry (SE series) cable positions
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and coloured plastic finish options
deck seals - waterproof cable glands

Flood and Exhaust Safety Electronic Systems

Index Marine manufactures a range of products for use in boats and other applications requiring detection of water and monitoring of pumps:

  • Water level detectors and alarm panels
  • Exhaust temperature detectors and alarms
  • Galvanic isolators
electronic safety system

Electrical Junction Boxes & Accessory Kits

Index Marine makes a range of easy-to-use junction boxes with internal interconnect options available:

  • IP66 rated junction boxes
  • Connector blocks and bus bars for internal interconnects
  • Waterproof fuseholders for electrical safety

Waterproof Electrical Plugs & Sockets

Index Marine offers the popular Bulgin Buccaneer range of waterproof electrical connectors as well as commonly used antenna connectors:

  • IP68 rated
  • 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 pole variants of electrical connectors
  • In-line and bulkhead mount plugs and sockets
  • Kits for popular combinations
Grafter electrical connectors

Coax Connectors

Index Marine offers a wide range of Coax Connectors and Coax Kits, from BNC and TNC connectors, BNC T adaptor, UHF adaptors and a PL259 male to female 90° Coax adaptor. 

Coax Connectors