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Float switch – BE99

Float switch – BE99

£22.50 ex. VAT

The heavy-duty 20 Amp float switch is an ideal water sensor for bilge pumps. Designed for the toughest environments the device is completely sealed. Suitable for use with 12v, 24v or 32v DC.


Index Marine’s float switch is constructed from marine grade materials and is designed to turn on and off bilge pumps should the water level increase or decrease. The device turns on the pumps when the water level reaches 51 mm (2 inches) and turns off when the level drops to 19 mm (3/4 of an inch).

The actual positioning of the switch is relatively important so that the device is most effective. Float switches react to water levels. The switch sits idle in low water, but as water levels increase and rise to the maximum level (set by installation) to reach the device sends a signal to the water pump to operate. If wired and installed correctly into the circuit the pump will operate until the float switch is lowered to the ‘off’ position, and the device will send a signal to turn the pump off.

Additional information

Dimensions 130 × 44 × 54 mm

12 – 24 – 32V, 20 Amps

Max Cable Size



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