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BE18 waterproof 4 station alarm panel

BE18 waterproof 4 station alarm panel

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Ruggedised and splashproof, the BE18 monitors up to 4 zones and can be used with BE51/BE55 optical and resistive fluid sensors as well as third party sensor types to alert to any combination of water ingress, gas presence, hatch and door security, or many other sensor inputs. This is a robust, versatile alarm panel that serves a wide range of uses in boats, vehicles, architectural and industrial applications.

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  • Rugged, splash-proof versatile alarm panel monitors up to 4 independent zones
  • Works with specialist sensors (BE51 or BE55) or simple switch contacts
  • Ideal for monitoring,bilge and tank levels, engine temperature, gas levels, open hatches/doors etc. or any combination
  • Rugged solid state design powered from 12 or 24V DC supply
  • Pulsed sensor outputs reduce current use.


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