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NEW Capacitive Water Sensor – BE22

NEW Capacitive Water Sensor – BE22

Index Marine are proud to announce the launch of their new Capacitive Water Sensor. This advanced sensor boasts a unique design, eliminating the need for any moving parts. Instead, it utilises two highly accurate probing pads to detect the presence of fluids. The sensor is specifically engineered to activate if water is detected for longer than 3 seconds, ensuring reliable performance while minimising false alarms caused by splashing.

Supplied with a 10-metre cable the Capacitive Water Sensor is suitable for detecting water ingress and is compatible with Index Marines range of water ingress alarm panels.

The product will be launched officially at the Sea Work commercial Marine Exhibition on the 13th – 15th June 2023 Mayflower Park, Southampton, UK.

If you are attending the exhibition, come and visit us at the show!
Free to register to attend

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