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Drilling a hole in the roof! Deliberately!

It may seem like a crazy thing to do, but there are plenty of reasons why you might – fully compos mentis – take an electric drill to a roof. Like fitting solar panels on a motor home, caravan, trailer or any building for that matter. Or what about fitting external lighting, security cameras or wi-fi extenders?

The one thing you really don’t want to happen is for the rain to get in. That would be disastrous. And a few blobs of bathroom sealant certainly won’t be up to the job of keeping water out.

That’s where waterproof cable glands come it, like the range from Index Marine. They come in sizes that fit cables from 2mm upwards, and can take multiple cables of differing diameters – ideal, for example, if you have a security camera with separate power and feed cables. The cable glands are designed so that the cable is also protected from chafing where the hole has been drilled, and to provide strain relief so the cable can’t be pulled through once the gland is screwed down. Bright white plastic finish looks good on a caravan or motor home, and aluminium or stainless may be preferred on buildings. These glands are easy to fit by installers or even DIY, and leave you with a good looking finish, and the assurance that the rain will stay where it belongs – outside.

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