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Marine Applications

Index Marine products have all been designed, manufactured, and tested for use in a wide range of marine applications from small leisure craft with owner-installed lighting or navigation kit, superyachts where aesthetics are key, right up to military vessels where robustness and safety is paramount.

Meeting IP68 standard, our sealed glands give assurance of waterproofing at every point where a cable passes through a panel or bulkhead, such as external antennae connecting to in-vessel radios and nav-aids, lighting and audio cabling routing throughout a boat, or water detectors and pumps in hull cavities connecting to alarm and control systems.

Our glands work simply by the action of tightening the top cover which squeezes and soft rubber bung around the cable forming a durable watertight seal. Easy and quick to install – neat and discrete to look at.

Marine applications

Our glands create a strong, watertight seal by tightening the top cover around the cable. They come in two types: straight-through (DG Series) and side-entry (SE Series) for discreet cable management. Both offer various sizes with customizable cable holes, accommodating multiple cables and pre-fitted connectors. 

Glands are available in white/grey plastic, anodized aluminum (natural or custom colors), and polished stainless steel for premium aesthetics and durability. Custom finishes are also an option; feel free to contact us for details.

We also supply waterproof junction boxes so cabling systems can be neatly brought together and routed through bulkheads. Again, sealing the connections against ingress of water is a safety essential, and Index Marine junction boxes are built to keep out the elements. We also offer a range of popular Bulgin brand connectors so that you can be sure of getting all your waterproof electrical connectivity products from Index Marine. 

As well as cabling safety and security, Index Marine recognises the importance (and legislated obligation in many countries) of installing quality alarm and control systems in boats to detect ingress of water into bilges and sealed compartments, in order to alert crew to switch on pumps. Moreover, the pump effectiveness also needs to be monitored as does security of hatches and doors in emergency situations. Index Marine offers a range of simple-to-install fluid detectors and alarm/control panels aimed at working boats, but which will also bring peace of mind to leisure boat users too.

Marine Application

Clean Energy Applications

Whether installed on a boat or motor home, domestic or commercial building, or in a solar farm, the interconnection of solar panels always need cabling that passes through panels, roofs, walls or frames that are exposed to the elements. Water ingress would be disastrous, and Index Marine IP68 sealed glands and electrical connectors ensure that the installation is weatherproof. Our junction boxes enable arrays of solar panels to be interconnected and our waterproof connectors mean that easy replacement of faulty units can be achieved with minimum system down-time.

Normally out of sight on building roofs, our most popular sealed cable glands are our plastic ones, which have passed rigorous UV testing to ensure they retain their structural integrity in all environments. However, our range of finishes offer matching with various solar panel and roof types, and we can also provide custom colours where there is a requirement for unobtrusive cable routing.

Flood Defence Applications

Index Marine products offer long-term solutions for urban infrastructure. They connect detectors and alarm systems to control centers, managing flood defenses. Whether facing occasional extreme events or daily water ingress, our sealed glands prevent cable water leakage, while our sensors provide essential water level information. 

Our off-the-shelf alarm/control panels are perfect for homes and small buildings, detecting and monitoring water in basements or outbuildings. We also provide custom alarm/control panels for large sensor networks, capable of triggering local and remote alarms, managing pumps, and data logging. In flood-prone areas with changing weather patterns, Index Marine products bring peace of mind.

Flood Defence - Index Marine

Infrastructure Applications

Today, our infrastructure includes telecoms and datacoms antennae, CCTV cameras, lighting, and other external communication installations. These all require waterproofing at cable entry points. Many outdoor-mounted electrical and electronic items, such as datacoms antennae, come with pre-installed connectors on their cables, posing challenges for cable routing through walls or panels and ensuring waterproof transitions.

Index Marine’s sealed cable glands are designed to accommodate large connectors while ensuring they meet IP68 water and dust-proof standards. These glands can handle multiple cables, guaranteeing a waterproof seal, thus simplifying the installation of complex lighting, CCTV, and communication setups.

Leisure and Utility Vehicle Applications

Index Marine products are ideal for any vehicle – land or water-based where electrical cabling runs to external peripherals. Solar panels on caravans and RVs, antennae on utility vehicles – Index Marine waterproof cable glands keep the water where it needs to be… outside!

Moreover, our range of finishes ensures that there is a cabling solution that looks great for every application – we can even produce custom colour finishes for special applications. We cater for hobbyists fitting out their vehicles or homes, and major installers, with documentation to help all users, and technical support a phone call or email away.

Flood Defence - Index Marine