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About Us

Index Marine

Index Marine products are in use throughout the marine industry, on leisure craft, working boats, superyachts and naval vessels. Our reputation for keeping water out of electrics with our IP68 sealed glands, and connectors makes Index Marine the brand of choice for boat builders and systems installers.

The Brand

A respected brand in the marine industry, Index Marine is expanding into new global markets where security of electrical installations in harsh environments is a must. These markets include domestic and commercial solar panel installations where electrical connectivity into buildings is required, and solar farms where complex electrical interconnection between sealed solar units is required. Our marine electronics units for detecting water ingress and monitoring pump condition is equally applicable to flood defence systems where sensors and pumping systems are deployed in buildings and other structures. In fact, the applications for our products is endless – vehicles, oil and gas extraction, processing and distribution installations and pipelines, antenna masts, external lighting, swimming pools…

Under the Peto group, Index Marine has the capability to step up its development and launch of new products. We have a series on new product launches planned for the near future.

Chris Fearnley

Managing Director

Chris holds a BSc (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Southampton University and has dedicated 12 years to the electrical and electronic field. With a wealth of experience and continuous learning, 

Chris has risen to a leadership position at Index Marine. He leads a team of engineers and production staff, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and bring new product concepts from inception to production and customer design-in. Chris’s comprehensive skill set is a driving force behind the company’s success.